Discovery Net: Knowledge Discovery on the Grid

Papers and Documentation

Published Papers

  1. Grid-based Data Analysis of Air Pollution Data
    M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, J. Hassard, M. Osmond and M. Richards
    To Appear in Fourth International Workshop on Environmental Applications of Machine Learning. 2004.

  2. An OGSA based environment for Image Analysis: Grid enabling the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK)
    M. Burns and D. Rueckert
    GlobusWORLD 2004

  3. Landslide Hazard Assessment in the Three Gorges Area of the Yangtze River using ASTER Imagery.
    J.G. Liu, P.J. Mason, N. Clerici, S. Chen, and A. Davis
    International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, "Learning from Earth's shapes and colors", IEEE IGARSS2003, Toulouse, France, July, 21-25 2003. pp. 1302-1304. 2003

  4. Smarter Data Mining
    Yike Guo, Judith Bandy, Anthony Rowe, Patrick Wendel, Moustafa Ghanem and Dimitrios Kalaitzopoulos.
    Bioinformatics World, issue 4, Spring 2003.

  5. The Discovery Net System for High Throughput Bioinformatics. Anthony Rowe, Yike Guo, Dimitrios Kalaitzopoulos, Michelle Osmond, and Moustafa Ghanem. ISMB 2003.

  6. The Design of Discovery Net: Towards Open Grid Services for Knowledge Discovery (Preprint)
    S. Al Sairafi, F. S. Emmanouil, M. Ghanem, N. Giannadakis, Y. Guo, D. Kalaitzopolous, M. Osmond, A. Rowe, iJ. Syed and P. Wendel. in International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications. Vol 17 Issue 3. 2003.

  7. Information Extraction from Medical Images (IXI): Developing an e-Science Application Based on the Globus Toolkit
    R. A. Heckemann, T. Hartkens, K. Leung, D. L. G. Hill, J. V. Hajnal, D Rueckert.
    2nd UK e-Science All-hands Conference, Nottingham, UK, Sept 2003.

  8. InfoGrid: Providing Information Integration for Knowledge Discovery.
    Nikolaos Giannadakis, Anthony Rowe, Moustafa Ghanem and Yike Guo.
    Information Sciences, 155 (2003) pp.199-226.

  9. Detection of Rapid Erosion in SE Spain: A GIS Approach based on ERS SAR Coherence Imagery.
    Jian Guo Liu, Fiona Hilton, Philippa Mason and Hoonyol Lee
    Advanced Workshop on InSAR for Measuring Topography. Hong Kong, 16-17 December 2002.

  10. Discovery Net: Towards a Grid of Knowledge Discovery.
    V. Curcin, M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, M. Kohler, A. Rowe, J. Syed, P. Wendel.
    KDD-2002. The Eighth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. July 23 - 26, 2002.

  11. Grid-based Knowledge Discovery Services for High Throghput Informatics.
    M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, A. Rowe, P. Wendel.
    The Eleventh IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-11) Edinburgh, Scotland, July 24-26, 2002.

  12. Using Domain Mapping to Integrate Biological and Chemical Databases
    Anthony Rowe, Moustafa Ghanem, Yike Guo.
    Proceedings of the 2003 International Chemical Information Conference, Nimes, France 2003.

  13. Image Registration Using GRID Parallel Ccomputing: A Workbench Interface.
    Rolf A Heckemann, Thomas Hartkens, Yalin Zheng, Daniel Rueckert, Derek L Hill, Joseph V Hajnal.
    InfoRAD 2003.

  14. InfoGrid: Providing Information Integration for Knowledge Discovery.(Preprint)
    N. Giannadakis, A. Rowe, M. Ghanem, Y.Guo.
    To Appear in the Journal of Information Science.

  15. A Dynamic Brain Atlas
    D. L. G. Hill, J. V. Hajnal, D. Rueckert, S. M. Smith, T. Hartkens, and K. McKleish
    In Fifth International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI'02), Tokyo, Japan. pages 532-539, 2002.

  16. Automatic Scientific Text Classification Using Local Patterns: KDD CUP 2002 (Task 1).
    M. Ghanem, Y.Guo, H. Lodhi, Y. Zhang.
    SIGKDD Explorations. Vol 4. No.2 Dec 2002.

  17. Dynamic Information Integration for e-Science.
    M. Ghanem, N. Giannadakis, Y. Guo, A. Rowe.
    UK e-Science All-hands Conference, Sheffield, UK, Sept 2002.

  18. Discovery Processes: Representation and Re-use.
    J. Syed, M. Ghanem, Y.Guo.
    UK e-Science All-hands Conference, Sheffield, UK, Sept 2002.

Recent Technical Reports

    J. G. Liu and J. Ma, 2004.

  2. A Grid Infrastructure for Mixed Bioinformatics and Data Mining
    M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, A. Rowe, A. Chortaras and J. Ratcliffe, 2004.

  3. Integrated Data Mining and Text Mining in Support of Bioinformatics
    M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, A. Rowe, 2004.

  4. Sensor Grids for Air Pollution Monitoring
    M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, J. Hassard, M. Osmond and M. Richards, 2004.

  5. Pollution Mapping: Visualization and Analysis within a Grid Infrastructure
    M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, J. Hassard, M. Osmond and M. Richards, 2004.

  6. Discovery Processes in Discovery Net
    J. Syed, M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, 2004.

  7. Scalable Clustering on the Data Grid
    P. Wendel, M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, 2004.

  8. Analysis of the SARS Virus on the Grid Grid
    V. Curcin, M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, 2004.

  9. IT Infrastructure for Integrative Systems Biology
    V. Curcin, M. Ghanem, Y. Guo, A.S. Rowe, 2004.

  10. Distributed BioSensor systems for GM Crop Monitoring
    S. Hassard, M. Osmond, S. Klier, R. Martin, 2004.

  11. Why Grid-based Data Mining Matters? Fighting Natural Disasters on the Grid: From Sars to Land Slides
    A.K.T.P. Au, V. Curcin, M. Ghanem, N. Giannadakis, Y. Guo, M. A. Jafri, M. Osmond, A. Oleynikov A.S. Rowe, J. Syed, P.Wendel and Y. Zhang , 2004.

SC2002 Posters

  1. Discovery Net HPC Challenege Abstract.

  2. Discovery Net HPC Challenege Team.

  3. Discovery Net The Annotation Challenge Poster.

  4. Discovery Net HPC Challenge Poster.

  5. Discovery Net: Genome Annotation Poster.

  6. Discovery Net Overview Poster.

  7. Discovery Net Architecture Poster.

  8. Discovery Net Malaria Study Poster.

  9. Discovery Net Drug Resistance Study Poster.

  10. Gusto Poster.

Other Material

  1. Discovery Net Project Brochure.

  2. Discovery Net DTI Poster.

  3. Discovery Net DTI Flyer.