Discovery Net: Knowledge Discovery on the Grid


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Discovery Net architecture provides open standards for specifying:

Grid-based Architecture

Discovery Net is based on an open architecture re-using common protocols and common infrastructures such as the Globus Toolkit and the OGSI. It also define its own protocol for workflows, Discovery Process Markup Language (DPML) which allows the definition of data analysis tasks to be executed on distributed resources. Using Discovery Net architecture it easy to build and deploy a variety of fully distributed data intensive applications.

D-NET Distributed Workflows:

The D-NET client can connect to multiple servers in order to build a real Grid application where data, functionalities and resources can be located and used on any D-NET server

D-NET as part of the Grid:

The architecture makes use of a number of features offered by the Globus Toolkit 2.0 for Grid Infrastructure.

D-NET, OGSA and Web Services:

D-NET takes advantage of the OGSA architecture to present its functionalities to other grid users and projects.

D-Net for Efficient Data Processing:

A workflow can be distributed and parallelised using a task farm, for more efficient execution.