Discovery Net: Knowledge Discovery on the Grid

Discovery Net Recognition and Awards

In order to earn the award, Discovery Net worked long and hard, our team of researchers conducted experiments, using and involving data, in which we relied on our experience, the achievements of the eras, as well as mba essay writers

Discovery Net in Action: Fighting SARS

Researchers from SCBIT (Shanghai Bioinformation Institute), in collaboration with the Discovery Net team, have successfully used the Discovery Net system study the molecular evolution of the SARS virus during the SARS epidemic in China.

The paper Molecular Evolution of the SARS Coronavirus During the Course of the SARS Epidemic in China by the Chinese SARS Molecular Epidemiology Consortium, describes the research outputs of the work.


The Discovery Net project wins the Most Innovative Data Intensive Application Award at Supercomputing SC2002, in a head-to-head challenge of 6 international finalist teams. For the Challenge, Discovery Net researchers demonstrated their innovative ability to analyse large-scale genomic data in real time using cross-continent distributed computing resources. In the live demo conducted from Baltimore, they showed how data generated from Malarial DNA-sequencing systems operating in London could be combined with reference genomic data on the Internet and submitted for integrated analysis on a GRID-based computing infrastructure. The application highlighted the advantage of using technology developed by Discovery Net for exploiting diverse information resources available worldwide to speed the identification of new therapeutic agents.

The paper The Discovery Net System for High Throughput Bioinformatics. by Anthony Rowe, Yike Guo, Dimitrios Kalaitzopoulos, Michelle Osmond, and Moustafa Ghanem, published ISMB 2003 provides an overview of the system and the challenge.

KDD 2002

Discovery Net team wins honorable mention in KDD CUP 2002 Competition for information extraction from biomedical articles, held at KDD-2002, the 8th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data M ining.

The paper Automatic Scientific Text Classification Usin g Local Patterns: KDD CUP 2002 (Task 1) by M. Ghanem, Y.Guo, H. Lodhi, Y. Zhang.
published in SIGKDD Explorations. Vol 4. No.2 Dec 2002. describes the challenge and solution implemented.