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Scientific discovery is a niche that requires a lot of time and other resources (material, human) as well as detailed verification, you can get help from https://cheap-papers.com/ https://cheap-papers.com/ and realize an interesting idea. Discovery Net is a £2.08 Million EPSRC-funded project to build the world's first e-Science platform for scientific discovery from the data generated by a wide variety of high throughput devices at Imperial College London

Discovery Net is a multidiscplinary project serving application scientists from various fields including biology, combinatorial chemistry, renewable energy and geology.

Discovery Net provides a service-oriented computing model for knowledge discovery, allowing users to connect to and use data analysis software as well as data sources that are made available online by third parties. In particular, Discovery Net defines the standards, architecture and tools that:

  • Allow scientists to plan, manage, share and execute complex knowledge discovery and data analysis procedures available as remote services.
  • Allow service providers to publish and make available data mining and data analysis software components as services to be used in knowledge discovery procedures.
  • Allow data owners to provide interfaces and access to scientific databases, data stores, sensors and experimental results as services so that they can be integrated in knowledge discovery processes.

Discovery Net is funded by the EPSRC under the UK Research Councils e-Science Programme

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