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Accessories that conquer hearts - the best tips for the image!

Men perceive the world differently than women. Our article will reveal to you the secret of their preferences - and will tell you what amber jewelry you need in order to be guaranteed to receive many admiring glances and compliments from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances!

An elegant CLASSIC

When meeting with anyone, men "read" a complete image, and not small nuances. Therefore, the more harmonious and simple your outfit will be, the better impression you will make! Let all the elements of clothing complement each other in terms of color and material, and the main accent will be an exclusive pendant or ring made of natural stone the range of which you can view on the ukrburshtyn.com website. This is how you will demonstrate your impeccable taste.

THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS is seductive perfection

 Do you want to add a drop of playfulness to the previous outfit? A little black dress will help you. Currently, there are dozens of similar models - from avant-garde to extravagant. So, you can easily choose something that will emphasize the advantages of the silhouette and allow you to feel bold and relaxed.

Also, jewelry will look great on a dark background - say, a set of jewelry made of rich cherry-colored amber or a cross necklace on a shiny chain.

OPEN BACK — sensuality and delicacy

A deep neckline on the chest is a good, but too direct way to gain the interlocutor's interest. Instead, try to open the back, because it looks much more impressive! A sweater with a loose neck, a cocktail dress with a notch to the shoulder blades, a sundress or top with straps, a blouse with a shawl collar - there are several variations of such an ensemble.

And the perfect final touch will be an amber necklace with round or oval details that descend along the spine. Neat low - continuous or divided by contrasting inserts - will highlight your fragility, grace and sophistication. Wear it both "solo" and with a matching bracelet and earrings.

BARE SHOULDERS — accidental intentionality

If you consider an excessively large neckline to be inappropriate, try a similar technique - you definitely accidentally expose one or both shoulders. It will highlight the collarbones, visually lengthen the face and flatter the figure - especially when you wrap a tight-fitting choker around your neck and wear earrings with oblong gems in your ears. It is also worth buying an amber pendant - it will fit perfectly into the headset.

URBAN CASUAL — the unique individuality

Smart and urban casual are directions that are primarily focused on your convenience. In them, you will be relaxed and calm, capturing those around you with your ease. This is a great solution for every day!

And a set of jeans, a T-shirt, a cardigan or a sweatshirt will be enlivened by a pair of original bracelets made of dark brown, golden, orange or crimson hardened resin, bright necklaces where all the links are made in the shape of leaves, stars or hearts, creative earrings.

NETWORK — innocence or temptation?

When listing what men like, you can't ignore lace - an openwork pattern on porcelain-pale or dark skin has long been a trend. But you should look for accessories for them very carefully, guided by the principle of minimalism. Knitted or woven ornament is a rather active texture, which must be balanced with laconic creations.

Bracelets, chokers and earrings made of symmetrical light beads will be a good choice. Conversely, you can beat common features in clothes and jewelry: try on a pendant, ring or brooch with a bright cabochon (smoothly polished stone with a convex upper part) in a setting, as if woven from "sterling" metal.

Maximum secrecy

Mysteries, flirtatiousness, attractive ambiguity have always aroused curiosity. And until now, to excite someone else's imagination, it is enough to wear a skirt to the ankles, a dress with a wide cut, a summer tunic that hides more than it shows. This will create an aura of romance, purity and dreaminess.

Chic necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces made of amber go well with such outfits. Choose a specific thing depending on your mood, the only requirement is that they must be original and authentic.

"ETHNO", "BOHO" - true femininity

 Aggressive make-up and artificial textures are no longer popular - naturalness comes to the fore. That's why it's time for "ethno" or "boho" - heterogeneous textures, soft lines, muted pastel tones, organic fabrics and author's decor.

And a worthy completion of such an image is a handmade decoration made of Polish gems and waxed cord. The voluminous accessory is not only very attractive, but also healing - the polished hardened resin contains useful oils and acids.

SELECTIONS Be taller than everyone else!

Confident, smooth gait, slender legs, proud posture - in order to attract the attention of a man to such qualities, you will need high-heeled shoes. Shoes, ankle boots and boots are easy to combine with both trousers and a dress - but so that the outfit does not seem ill-conceived, you should buy an amber bracelet (and you can fasten it both on the wrist and on the ankle), a necklace, a ring.